What if Pallet sign $20.00


GFY Chips

$1.00 ea or 5 for $4.00

(Find  out how to use them on Our Service Page)

Hand Made Crafts from our shop to your home.

Re-furbished Table-

This one is sold but new projects are being worked on every week.  If you have something you would like redone let us know, or if you would just like some help doing it yourself that is what we do!

GFY Sticks 

$2.00 ea or 3 for $5.00

For Those Someone Special

(find out how to use them on Our Service Page)

Patriotic Coat Rack $25.00


Herb Rack $75.00

​Wine Rack 6 Bottles, and 4 to 6 wine glass holder

 $ 60.00